Hi, Iva here 🙂

Welcome to my online home!

Through this imagine-it’s-enchanting doorway, you will find two things: writings and projects.




I am an aspiring author who writes about children going on epic adventures in magical worlds or familiar ones with a twist of fantasy. There’s always great friendships and nature involved, and what’s a story without a heart-in-your-throat-thrill and a mystery that keeps your mind racing?

I started writing seriously 3 years ago, but my love for story telling began earlier than that.

As a child I went on made-up adventures that still make up some of the best times I’ve ever had. Whether I was playing in my backgarden, bedroom, or whispering bedtime stories to my sister, I’ve always loved exploring through creating stories, and writing allows me to do so to my heart’s content.




Though I write fiction, I love reality.

My heroes are Charlie Munger, Ernest Shackleton, and Sosaku Kobayashi, and I am very much interested in a multidisciplinary, curiosity-led education for children.

The projects will most likely involve children, education, and nature, or simply an exploration led by my own curiosity.

I love working as part of a team, so please do contact me if you’re up to something that I am interested in and could contribute to. My email is ivamekki1@gmail.com 


Thanks for coming by, and who knows, I might see you around 😉